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It might seem to be somewhat idealistic, but we believe in the inherent will of people to do the right thing. Let us explain where we are coming from:


Given the choice of spending a sizable sum of money for a home that consumes energy at an alarming rate, or spending slightly more initially to benefit from substantially lower utility costs, and thereby helping to conserving our planet's limited supply of fossil fuels, we at evoDOMUS believe that the latter can prevail. The key is to make it an easily understandable and obtainable choice. Also, this 'healthy for the planet' choice need not look healthy, nor must it look like it is good for the planet! It can look bodacious, chic, generous and new, without being bad for anyone.


This is where we come in. We deliver a beautiful, incredibly high-performance, energy-efficient evoDOMUS home to you, and you tell your friends, and they tell their friends, and we soon have the butterfly effect. An increasing number of people understand the value of sustainability in construction, and in life.


This is the future of residential architecture and we are proud to do our part in bringing it to you. To accompany us on this journey to achieve our goals we have partnered with a team of like-minded individuals we would like you to meet. 


evoDOMUS works in a close partnership with carefully selected vendors and manufacturers whose skills and craftsmanship bring a level of quality to our homes that we are very proud of. With many years of experience in carpentry these dedicated people have all the right characteristics: extremely talented, dedicated perfectionists and leaders in the sustainable home building trade. We admire their values and are delighted to offer the benefits of our synergy to our clients. 


​You can also find some facts and background information about our leadership team here (from left to right):

Mike "Bocce" Farinacci

VP of Product Delivery


Michael has 20 years of experience in the high-end residential field as a carpenter. A graduate of Kent State University with a BA in architecture, he worked 4 years in the field as a rough and finish carpenter after graduation. The next 7 years were spent working for RSA Architects in Chagrin Fall, Ohio, designing, drawing, and supervising construction of single family, multifamily, and small commercial projects. Over the last 9 years, he has been on his own, working in the residential field mainly with timber frame design and construction. Mike’s responsibility is product delivery, he’s the hinge between the manufacturing plant and the on-site construction


His hobby is related to his Italian ancestry: he loves playing bocce, that’s why everybody calls him so.


Robert W. Shearer

Project Management, Architect NCARB, HERS Rater


After earning his architecture license in 2003, Rob worked for local Clevleand architects and developers, primarily on commercial projects.  After working in commercial development for several years, however, he could not reconcile the fact that his heart just was not in it. Rob always had a passion for energy efficient home design and construction, and wanted to focus his career down that path. He eventually became the Program Coordinator for a major midwestern electrical utility’s new home energy efficiency incentive program, where he delighted in working with home builders across the state, helping them improve the quality and energy efficiency of their product. During this time, he took the opportunity to become a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater and expanded his knowledge of building science and energy efficiency. Unfortunately for Ohio home builders, changes in Ohio law halted this incentive program in 2014. Rob joined evoDOMUS soon after, excited to find a place where his interests in beautiful modern design and extremely energy efficient home construction come together as core business principles. It was a perfect fit!


When not at work, Rob loves to spend as much time as possible outside with his wife and three sons.  He is a wild foods enthusiast and can often be found foraging and preparing wild greens and fungi at his cabin in the Allegheny National Forest region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Michelle Kolbe

CCO, Co-Founder, Head of Design


Upon graduation from Kent State University with a degree in architecture, Michelle followed her dreams and traveled to Europe, gaining valuable international experience in residential, retail and commercial design in both Germany and England. Michelle collaborated with, among others, architect Arata Isozaki in his Berlin office in the mid-nineties, soaking up the vibrancy and excitement of the post-reunification era in this truly amazing city.  After 17 years abroad, she returned to the US, bringing with her a wealth of experience in the fields of energy efficient architectural design, client relations, and construction management. Her admiration of the clean lines of Bauhaus inspired modernism coupled with contemporary materials, and advances in current building science, serve as a perpetual source of inspiration for our array of home designs.


Michelle is a thoroughbred bookworm who finds balance in her life through running, spinning and weight-lifting. She spends her evenings reading and enjoying her kids while listening to Alexander’s music.


She is your first contact when it comes to home customization.

Alexander Kolbe

CEO, Co Founder, AIA Int’l Associate, RIBA


Alexander began his professional career right after his graduation in architecture in 1991 from the Technical University in Berlin, Germany. Prior to co-founding evoDOMUS with his wife Michelle, he had his own architectural firm in Europe for 20 years, hence his membership in the Royal Institute of British Architects. He spent two decades designing luxury prefab homes for two of the most renowned green luxury home builders. He is dedicated to designing beautiful, energy-efficient homes with a distinct, modern touch.  


Alexander is an enthusiastic private pilot who loves to fly, which helps us to manage with projects all over the country.


When his schedule allows, Alexander occasionally teaches and lectures sustainable design at the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State University.


He is a passionate chef and he loves playing with his kids. He also loves music. He spends his evenings in front of his huge stereo system where he can relax and contemplate new ideas.


Alexander is our head of sales and therefore the first client contact person.


Sales Assistant


Cooper’s field of expertise is keeping staff and clients entertained. He is in charge of treats and safety, making sure that no one passes by the office unnoticed. He’s a true asset with his extraordinary knowledge in testing the durability of computer cables and shoes, as well as in his double function as undercover paper shredder.

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