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​If you have done any research into various prefab home building companies, you will have undoubtedly experienced difficulty in evaluating which services they provide, what exactly is included in their prices and which areas of the project you will be responsible for completing with separate contractors.


With evoDOMUS, you have the choice to receive all services from one source, in a turn-key scenario, or, alternatively, to have us deliver and assemble the modules while your local general contractor takes it from there. As our homes are individually created and highly customized we need to work with you on the design first. Once the plans are finished we prepare a cost estimate for your home, including site preparation and soft costs.


The cost of an evoDOMUS home varies with the size, complexity and specifications since we, unlike most of our competitors, do not sell designs off the shelf. Typically, our home prices range from $300 to $350 per square foot for a Turn-Key home and $150 -$225 per square foot for Modules Only. However, some of the more luxurious designs, with extensive amounts of glass, complex structures, expensive fixtures or remote locations can be much higher. It all depends on the specific circumstances, the design and your selections. West Coast prices are significantly higher, ranging between $380 and $450 per square foot, due to local labor costs, shipping and travel. ($180 - $275 for modules respectively) 


Most customers choose the Modules Only approach and use a local contractor to take care of the local portion of the work. This has proven to be significantly more cost efficient.


We never include the costs for permits, third party engineering, such as land surveying, civil engineering and geotechnical engineering. These are client responsibilities.

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